Workcamps 2017 as part of ewoca – young Perspectives:


Camp in Sèegrave;egrave;te/France, 22.07.-04.08.2017
Active together in Europe
Interkulturelles Netzwerk e.V. (Neuruppin/Brandenburg), Décodanse (Sèegrave;egrave;te/France), ZATHAY (Samothraki/Greece)
The workcamp group lives and works at the „Centre Familiale le Lazaret“ in the port city of Sèegrave;egrave;te in Southern France. The charitable facility for family education offers seminars and events on the „Ecosystem of the Sea“, among other topics. The youths additionally improve the infrastructure of the educational facility by improving a Mediterranean garden, planting trees on the grounds, fashioning a wall in an artful way, create a bare-feet path, and construct large wooden games, which can be used in youth educational work in the future.


Camp in Tolo/Greece, 03.07.-16.07.2017
Europe is in da’ House: Encountering, Exploring, Acting together
EJB Weimar (Weimar/Thuringia), Education without Borders (Dunaewa/Belarus), Hellenic Youth Participation (Athens/Greece)
The workcamp takes place in the town of Tolo (1500 inhabitants) on the Peloponnese peninsula. It deals with the ecological dimension of sustainability in rural areas. The continuing crisis in Greece, high youth unemployment, the refugee situation, and the rural exodus within Greece form the framework conditions for their work at the location. The camp gives the opportunity to develop visions for a self-determined society of the future. Guided by professionals, the youths develop their own project ideas and the corresponding finance and business plans. In this, they develop a sense of economic relationships and of the chances, challenges, and limits of social and sustainable entrepreneurship in the current economic system. The theoretical and practical work is accompanied by shared leisure activities, oriented towards the topics and the location of the camp. Finally, the participants present their results as part of an exhibition to the local community.


Camp in Chotyn/Ukraine, 13.08.-27.08.2017
Of Vikings and other Minorities — Experiencing democracy in Europe
Alte Schule e.V. (Buchholz/Schleswig-Holstein), Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft für Jugendarbeit e.V. (Lviv/Ukraine), Youth Mobility Denmark (Roedekro/Denmark)
Over the course of three years, the youths will collaborate in building a real viking boat, which will then be available for use in international youth work in Ukraine. After workcamps in Denmark and Germany in the past two years, the ten-metre-long boat will be completed in Ukraine this summer. Following this, the youths will spend the second camp week on the maiden voyage of the boat, and as part of this expedition get into contact with different population groups within Ukraine. They will deal with the history of Europe and discuss the role of migratory movements and minorities. The projects stands up for an Open Europe, where young people from different countries get together to organise their work.