ewoca — young perspectives is realised with funds from the Innovation Fund of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

The Innovation Fund of the Federal Governments Children and Youth Plan funds innovative and practical projects to support the development of an independent youth politics. For each sphere of activity, emphasis is on specific topics: Impulses should be given in political education, cultural education, the work of youth associations, international youth work and youth social work. New approaches in youth politics and youth work should be spread with the help of practical projects.

ewoca — young perspectives is being funded in the field of international youth work. As a non-formal educational opportunity, international youth work is especially suited to strengthen competences in young people. In different formats, it creates opportunities for personal development. It conveys key competences, opens up chances, gives room for participation and commitment, supports the employability of young people through strengthening their self-agency, and, at the same time, supports dealing with cultural diversity.

Bi- and multilateral projects to develop, test and support concepts in international youth work, which contribute to the recognition of international youth work as a non-formal educational opportunity and to the sharpening of the profile of non-formal and informal learning are being funded. Goals are:

  • making visible non-formal and informal learning opportunities, e.g. for cooperation partners from the field of formal education
  • finding new cooperation partners to achieve broad recognition for the competences acquired in international youth exchanges, e.g. business, media, job centres
  • contributing to the compensation of educational disadvantages, by revealing the relevance of non-formal and informal educational processes for young people with individual deficits or social disadvantages in international youth work